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Cramford N Gauge Model Railway Layout

I designed this N gauge scenic model railway as a high specification micro layout.  I chose the name Cramford for this model branch line because many railway related features have been crammed onto a very small baseboard.

A model railway layout designed as a circular or half circle arrangement can often be made to fit into a very small area, well deserving of the term micro layout.  If the scenic area is confined to a half circle with a fiddle yard at the rear this can disguise the ‘round and round’ appearance significantly.  The scenic area of this N gauge micro layout measures only 60cm x 45cm which is approximately 2 ft x 18 inches.  As this is a minimum space model railway first radius curves and small radius points have been used.

This micro layout was designed to offer high build quality and also capture the same operational benefits of much larger model railways by compressing and adapting the various features.  Many scenic features were built into the model landscape despite the very limited space and without restricting opportunity to create interesting freight and passenger movements.

Often a real branch line would have a limited number of services which operate throughout a typical day.  Whilst long periods of time with no rolling stock movements can be said to realistically represent prototypical railway operation this can obviously be very boring.  I therefore designed this minimum space micro layout with two significant features, a branch line station with a goods yard, plus a separate pair of sidings with a loading chute to serve an imaginary ‘offstage’ quarry.

By having a second significant feature on the same railway layout baseboard, a greater variety of trains can be operated with a more interesting timetable.  Cramford is an interesting N gauge model railway to operate as shunting operations can be performed in the quarry sidings during the periods when no stock movements are observable at the station platform or in the goods yard.  The quarry sidings on this N gauge micro layout are not connected to the branch line.  Instead, they lead straight out of the scenic area under the bridge to enter the fiddle yard.

The quarry sidings create the opportunity to realistically shunt empty open wagons under the loading chute which may then be filled with granular matter to create a full train ready for departure.  The granular matter could represent ore, sand, aggregate, limestone etc. to complement the rolling stock being operated.  The model loading chute has been made as a removable item to enable alternative scenes to be created.  The quarry sidings can be used simply to store rolling stock if required.

Dual feature model railways can be particularly useful to individuals who choose to exhibit their model railway layouts at shows where regular stock movements tend to be expected by the public.




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