Completed Work


N 4 N Gauge Model Railway Layout

I designed this micro layout to function as an N gauge shunting puzzle, operated with a simple rectangular fiddle yard positioned behind the bridge.  Alternatively, a U shaped fiddle yard arrangement can be used to provide continuous run.

This is a hand-made minimum space N gauge scenic model railway layout baseboard.  The micro layout measures approximately 60cm x 30.5cm which is approximately 23 and a half inches x 12 inches.  The underside of the model railway layout is raised approximately 44mm on an 18mm thick wooden framework around its perimeter.

The model railway is designed to offer high build quality and also capture the same operational benefits of much larger railway layout baseboards by compressing and adapting the various features.  This model railway layout is designed to function well in very limited space without compromise on visual interest and potential for interesting freight and passenger movements.





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