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Hampford Halt N Gauge Model Railway Layout

This minimum space N gauge scenic micro layout was built many years ago and was usually used as a shunting puzzle.  Hampford Halt measures approximately 82cm x 38cm which is approximately 32 inches x 15 inches.

Recently, all of the original model scenery was stripped from the baseboard leaving only the weathered and ballasted track, the whole process detailed in my blog  Working with the simple nature of the track plan, the surrounding scenery was re-modelled in a logical manner to create rural backwater with a minimum of scenic features.

Whilst planning the alterations to the model railway landscape, time was taken to improve operating potential.

Though I originally designed this micro layout as shunting puzzle operated with one small fiddle yard, adding a fiddle yard at both ends would enable through running.  Through running with an end to end arrangement is a way to allow longer trains to pass through the scenic area which makes the layout much more interesting to operate.

This decision led to the design of a dual purpose feature.  Rather than build a fixed station platform, a flat area was created at the front of the layout next to the branch line.  When used as a shunting puzzle, the flat area can be used as an additional yard area for unloading goods or as a site for a coal merchants hut with a pair of coal staithes.  If the model is used for through running the accessories can be switched and a small wooden halt used to provide basic facilities for short rural passenger trains.

The Ratio coal depot kit 229 which contains two coal staithes and a hut has been used to create a coal merchants business.  When the layout is used as a freight only shunting puzzle the hut and coal staithes are moved to the dual purpose yard area and a provender store is placed in the large main yard.



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